Inverted House

‘ offers a new take on an affordable urban home as a backyard accessory dwelling unit on a typical Austin single family lot. Rather than deferring to the "main house," the home encourages multiplicity and emergent effects - through overlapping board and batten patterns based on the folds of the shell, and projection patterns of the batten pattern and the kitchen millwork on themselves, respectively. These self-referential qualities promote dignity, legitimacy, and autonomy - a building whose value is inherent, not needing to justify its existence on reference or relationship, just as all people in our cities should be dignified based on existence alone.

The interior space is open, flexible, and full of light from glass on four sides and a central skylight; the bedroom is rendered in dynamic furnishings that can transform it from sleeping quarters to workspace to yoga studio to art gallery, while support spaces are creatively consolidated to minimize the overall footprint while maximizing space.