Broken Tools Series     

  explores the estrangement of the normal by taking everyday and utilitarian objects - doorknobs, lightbulbs, laptop chargers, glasses, vent ducts, p-traps, junction boxes - and applying physical “displacement maps” of expanding foam in a manner that creates new forms and textures altogether while retaining some semblance of the original object. While the physical models are painted to unify the two halves of the formula, object + foam - almost resembling a plaster cast - a digital “twin” is also created. The objects are 3D-scanned, cleaned up, and then transformed digitally, such as applying displacement maps or textures (frosting, fur, iridescence), voxelization, Boolean additions, or drooping deformations to further test the defamiliarization of the (literal) things we think we know and discover new source material for architectural form and affect.