Floating Bungalows

  is a new fourplex proposal
for a cooperative housing model that fosters
community and outdoor living while retaining a
playful and bright Los Angeles aesthetic.

In designing a new model of fourplex sites, the
proposal both trims back and exaggerates the
bungalow court - while the site is too small to
support six or seven units with a shared central
courtyard, units could be arranged on the site in
a more fluid, organic plan that creates different
pockets of outdoor space. Lifting the units off
the ground plane frees the entire area of the
site for outdoor space and turns what was once
only a courtyard into a full-blown neighborhood
park which is shaded by tree-cover and the
units themselves.

By rotating and breaking apart
the traditional bungalow, the scale of individual
units is broken down to mitigate concerns
associated with increased density. The resulting
interior is a more playful, less rigid environment
which is full of light, soft curves, and arching
volumes that react to the rotations in plan.